Associação QE (QE) is a registered charity dedicated to the development and inclusion of people with special needs and intellectual disabilities.

QE was founded in 2009 by a group of parents and experts aiming to apply new methodologies and international best practices for the development of personal, functional, social and professional skills, for individuals with special needs, striving for a wider autonomy and an easier integration in society.

QE manages two social responses – the Centre of Activities for Capacitation and Inclusion (CACI) for resident and non-resident clients, and the Residential Home (RH) for permanent residents. The Centre currently provides service for more than 75 people, 24 of which are resident. Our activities are funded by the Ministry of Social Security (50%), by our clients families (35%) and by private donations (15%).

QE implements tailor-made, individual programs whose goal is to ensure our clients’ wellbeing, fulfilment, security and quality of life, developing their functional, social and socio-professional skills according to their capabilities.

Our social responses occupy a green plot of 15,000 sqm near Sintra and allow our clients to developing their life projects in permanent contact with nature and offering wellbeing and quality of life. With external partners we provide additional activities such as swimming and horseback riding.

In close partnership with families, associates, counterparts, universities, partners and local businesses, Associação QE aims for the inclusion and valuation of everybody with special needs or intellectual disabilities.